2018 Goals - March

Sunday, 4 March 2018

How many of us were expecting to end February with a huge amount of snow? Not me! I'd rather assumed it would have warmed up a bit by now. But I really like snow, and I'm fortunate to be allowed to work from home by my boss, so I quite liked looking out the window and seeing the snow settle.

The arrival of March also means it's time to review my February goals. Sadly I started doing this last weekend and realised how many I'd forgotten about! After the lovely week off for Christmas I had loads of energy in January. But my long commute has sapped a lot of that and I found February to be quite tiring. 

February results;

- Reduce portion sizes for dinner < I think I did quite well with this! Can still be difficult with pasta though, but generally I've found that I'm feeling full but not stuffed after dinner, so that's working.
- Only eat crisps at work < I thought I would struggle with this, but I only failed twice! So will maintain this in March.
- Exercise video once a week < I completely failed at this, I didn't even do one video this month DX But I did improve my walking so I did get some extra exercise.
- Take a vitamin c and d every day < I failed at this too, I remember to take these about once a week DX Might start leaving them on my desk at work to see if I remember to take them at lunch.

- Print off wedding photos for frame and hang it up < This was carried over from January and this time I got it done! My husband has put the frame up at the top of the stairs, so I get a lovely reminder of our wedding day every time I go up and down the stairs.
- Sort & photograph wedding china < I did the cake stands, milk jugs and sugar bowls and listed them on Facebook. Not sold much so far but at least I've started!
- Sort out all the used stamps and send them to a place that buys them < Going to donate the money to my favourite charity, the MND Association < I emailed the guy who buys them and got signed up, so I haven't sent anything yet but I will next month!
- Buy a tumble dryer < Another month has passed without me sorting this out DX It would have really helped with the snow this week!
- Comment on one blog post a day < I only remembered to do this occasionally, but it encouraged me to read and retweet more blog posts, so I'll try to continue this next month.
- Update car log book with married name and address < Ooops....

As you can see, a limited amount of success. I do find my memory gets worse when I'm tired, but I won't be able to take any time off work until the end of April, so I might have to get in to the habit of reading my March list every other day to remind myself of what I need to do!

Speaking of my March list...ta da!

- Continue with exercise video once a week < I didn't even start this last month, maybe I should change this to something more sustainable XD
- Work days = 9k steps, home days = 5k steps < I've been testing this out last month with some success, just a case of motivating myself when I'm at home!
- Reduce biscuit eating to once a week < Eating sweet foods at work has been sneaking back up again so I really must stick to this!

- Sell the wedding china! < I've started this, need to photograph the teacups next!
- Buy shelving for the bathroom, plus a paper shredder and extension cords < These are little bits that we need around the house so getting them done this month will be good.
- Sort out the garage < Our vendors left a load of rubbish behind so we really need to clear it out!
- Update car log book with married name and address < Carried forward from February
- Sort out all the used stamps and send them to a place that buys them < Going to donate the money to my favourite charity, the MND Association < Carried forward from February
- Buy a tumble dryer < I've been trying to do this since September, will March finally be the month it gets done?

I might stick the "no biscuits" thing to my computer screen at work to stop me feeling tempted XD Hope you all have a lovely productive March!

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